GD Meat Market Flyer April 2, 2020

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There are a lot of changes at GD Meat Market over the last few weeks, our entire way of thinking has changed.   Families are picking up larger orders so they don’t have to shop as frequently and we have tried to make sure we are making it easier to pick up the essentials at our store.

We had not been focusing on items in the dairy section, we have been expanding our produce section to encourage healthier eating and more ‘hands on’ food prep at home.   So if you are housebound for one reason or another GD Meat Market is featuring flats of large eggs for just $5.98 a flat and you have time on your hands to get creative in the kitchen.  We have a large order of eggs already in and another arriving tomorrow so we won’t run out for the weekend.   1 liter 3.25% milk , 2% and skim are instore for $1.48 with 1 liter Coffee Cream selling for $3.66.

I am told there are going to be a few extra cheese items arriving as well.   Halloumi, which is a grilling cheese ( this is the one in the Greek restaurants they set on fire and wow everyone at the table ) is salty from the brine and has a higher melting point than regular cheese.   Suggested methods are dry in a non-stick frying pan or grilled in butter or olive oil, just a few minutes on each side… Tons of fantastic recipes or methods on the internet, if you are home and have time its’ a wonderful opportunity to explore more foods you don’t normally serve.

Since there are some of us out there trying to look after our immune systems our produce buyer has been focusing on citrus.  In store arriving again,  we have a huge stock of beautiful and rather large tangerina oranges in retailing for $.98/lb.,  staff in the store love trying the products as they arrive and these oranges come highly recommended.   Large, sweet & extremely juicy is all we can say about these!  If you have anyone in your family you want to introduce to oranges and vitamin C,  this is the product that will win them over!

Oodles of products instore to help you and yours share healthy meals together!

Stay Safe!

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