GD Meat Market Flyer April 9, 2020

GD Meat Market April 9, 2020 Flyer

Curbside continues to be a favorite of our customers and staff and this week is everyone’s  Pre-Easter preparation time.   We encourage customers to shop or pick up curbside early to avoid any wait times while picking up groceries for Easter meal times this week.

Click on our link for a list of products available for curbside pickup, we are trying to extend our flyer items as customers have been using this as a reference to choose items for their shopping list.

Our produce order just arrived Wednesday afternoon, so we are all stocked for the weekend, asparagus was shorted so we are out of that particular item.  Lots of Fresh Pies from the Valley, no sugar apple pie, Apple Caramel, Strawberry Rhubarb, Cherry, Blueberry, Apple and Apple Crisp all in-stock at the store……….

Whats New?

GD Meat Market has added Bolthouse Amazing Mango to the healthy products we are focusing on in the Produce Section with lots of benefits!

  • no artificial preservatives
  • no artificial flavors
  • dairy free
  • no sugar added
  • gluten free
  • vegan
  • 1 serving equals 1/2 cup of juice.   Daily recommendation is 4 servings of a variety of fruit, including whole fruits for a 2000 calorie diet



It starts with the world’s most beloved stone fruit. Our mango is grown in humid, tropical climates for natural sweetness. We add the perfect dose of banana, apple and orange to round out its exotic flavor




When we need a break from an afternoon tending the crops, we turn to this blend of complex Arabica coffee, rich cocoa, creamy low-fat milk and natural agave nectar for a touch of sweetness.




This perfect combination of 15 ingredients, like apple, mango, kiwi and spinach are perfectly blended for great taste and a good source of 6 important nutrients including vitamins A, C, and B 12.




Blueberries, blackberries and black currants are often described as super foods. Our Blue Goodness is made with the juice of these fruits and gives you an excellent source of 11 essential nutrients.

Earthbound Farms Organic fresh salads arrived Wednesday Afternoon, these are a family favorite as well, some of the best meals are prepared with just the simplest of ingredients….  remember the more that is done to your food the less it is good for you!


Looking for an easy, healthy side?  Click on the link below

Easy spinach saute!

Private message us on Facebook for Curbside pick-up, or drop by to shop in person, our staff will be happy to help!


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