GD Market Flyer Apr 23, 2020

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This week at GD Market in Burnside we are adding items so customers with curbside have a larger selection of items to chose from as they are not shopping instore.   We also have some new items arriving this week!

Brown Beech Mushrooms

The richly flavored Brown Beech Mushroom is regarded as one of the most ‘gourmet’ of all the oyster-like mushrooms.   Firm textured and possessing a mildly sweet, nutty taste, this mushroom can be incorporated into a broad range of recipes from soups and sauces to stir-fries.  Uncooked these mushrooms have a strong bitter flavor but cooking transforms the flavor according to Oregon Mushrooms.   At GD Market we love bringing in new products for our customers to try as they become available!

mushroom brown beech 2.68

Mini Kumato Sweet Brown Grape Tomatoes

This is a tiny cousin of the fabled Kumato and has everything they have and more..  All the flavor is intensified in a smaller package and because it’s small you can enjoy it in three stages; young for crunch; mid-ripe for zip; full-ripe for soft, juicy and sweeter than sin.  Great for salads, appetizers and snacking.   The Mini Kumato is on special this week at GD Market for just $1.98, a great price to try something new


Fresh Fava Beans

Just in case you have never prepared fava beans before we will supply a link for their preparation, Epicurious has lots of info on products available on their website, these are delicious, fresh and easy to fall in love with…..

epicurious link fava beans

beans fava 2.98:lb.

Charejo Black Garlic

garlic black charejo -ail-noir-biologique-60-ggarlic black organic 60g 8.88

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