GD Meat Market Flyer May 21 2020

Flyer May 21 2020

Wow!   This week at GD Meat Market we have some exciting products coming in, for starters we are introducing Certified Angus, Ethically Raised, Grass-fed and Antibiotic & Hormone Free.  As we all know the Meat Industry as a whole has been experiencing difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic creating shortages and price increases.  At GD Meat Market we were offered the opportunity to provide our customers with a higher quality Angus AAA beef for almost the same pricing as the regular beef we were providing.   Rather than cut back on selection for her customers, the owner Shelley  jumped on the opportunity to ensure a supply of wonderful Angus AAA beef.  All staff has been talking about this week has been the beef in the case beginning this week for our new flyer!

Another new product we are excited about is the Piatto Pizzeria Authentic Pizza Take Home Kits we now have in-store.  We tried this product and did everything wrong, we forgot it at the office the first day, then we forgot in the fridge at home because everyone was just too tired to cook a homemade pizza.  Not one of us had ever made a pizza crust so we wanted to wait for just the right night when we were rested and clear eyed to venture forward.    That didn’t happen,  so days later, we just said it’s now or never, someone has to try this so we make the right decision.   The directions in the box and online were awesome!   The kits (carried in the frozen food section) contain ingredients for two pizzas, you are not just sticking a frozen pizza in the oven, you actually planning a fun night for family creating your own pizza, and sticking with the ingredients provided or adding your own extras!.   This may not be for everyone, but we loved it, so if you are looking for an entertaining evening, grab a kit, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy!

Quick notes on specials this week

  • Thursday and Friday only, chicken legs are at $.98/lb. and chicken thighs are $.88/lb.
  • Onions $.88 for a 2 pound bag
  • Bananas $.68/lb
  • Red Seedless Grapes $1.98/lb
  • We were able to secure Cotton Candy Grapes $5.88/lb again this week and we also scored some Sweet Globe Grapes $5.68/lb.!
  • Lean Ground Beef from local farmers $3.88/lb. for a 10/lb. bag (this is not Angus Certified beef)
  • Beautiful large juicy oranges $1.68/lb
  • 3/lb bags of local apples $2.98
  • 10/lb bags russet potatoes $3.88/lb
  • Roma Tomatoes $.98/lb
  •  Beautiful Top Sirloin Cap Steaks $10.58/lb and this is AAA Angus Beef!

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