GD Meat Market Flyer May 27, 2020

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Customers are loving our Certified Angus Beef!   There is a very real interest in Hormone & Antibiotic Free Grass Fed Beef as consumers are actually looking for Organic and Healthier Alternatives.    We decided to ensure our customers had a steady supply of steaks as the weather warmed and they are not disappointed!

GD Meat Market introduced Piatto Pizzeria Home Kits in the freezer section and this is another locally produced high quality item.   Just take out of the freezer, thaw the dough, follow the instructions packed in the box containing product to make two pizzas and not only do you have 2 beautiful pizzas’, you have entertainment for the evening.  We took these home and tried them first and are very pleased to be carrying this fine local product in our store.  Last week we brought the Stephanie, the Americana and the Dolce e Fumosa, this week we added a dessert pizza, with delicious Nutella and Powdered Sugar.

Great sales on this week if you are still at home eating, Fresh Whole Chickens just $2.28/lb. if you are in the mood for Beer Can Chicken.  Trying to stay healthy and keep it simple, bananas are on for just $..48/lb.!

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