GD Meat Market June 25 2020

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Lean Ground Beef in 10/lb bags at GD Meat Market this week and Bone in Pork Roast four just $1.56/lb.!  Cabana Bananas $.58/lb and Del Monte Bananas $.68/lb. so enjoy whichever brand you prefer……   Tons of great products in this week, we have jackfruit that just arrived and lulo’s, a tart taste best enjoyed like a sour apple with salt!  if you are looking for persimmons, dragonfruit, or something different, drop by and see us, plenty of choices for healthy meals and now if you read on, we have added healthy choices for our fur-babies!

New Products this week, we are serious dog lovers, with 3 dogs and have been tossing around a raw diet for some time now but worried about getting the correct mix to keep our fur babies healthy.   So we switched our dogs to Totally Raw as the owners have a lot of information on how to switch, what not to do and have ton’s of info on their website.   Lots of conversations on what works and things not to do.   We have one dog who ate the hypo allergenic dry, no issues and would clean up any food someone else didn’t eat, she was putting on weight.   Another dog who turned her nose up and walked away who was extremely high energy and we always worried about her getting enough food.  Last but not least the dog who would ‘hide’ the food for later and the first dog would find and eat..   So we brought the raw diet home, and for the size of the dogs, they require 1 patty in the morning and 1 in the evening.   All 3 dogs start wagging their tails and following whoever is feeding them in an extremely excited manner.   They absolutely love eating raw, look forward to it and finish in about 2 seconds each.  Customers have been asking me since I opened if we had dogfood and a lot of customers regularly buy fresh chicken legs, ground beef, hearts, etc. but we are very pleased to be carrying a full line of the Totally Raw patties, single sleeve patties for smaller dogs or just someone who wants to give it a try to see if their dogs like it and products to ensure your dogs are getting all the nutrients they need along with healthy treats for them.   Totally Raw


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