GD Meat Market Flyer July 2, 2020

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Starting tomorrow morning GD Meat Market has some great specials on fresh pork and Triple A Angus T-bones for the summer BBQ’s!

Meat Dept Specials

  • pork combo chops $1.98/lb
  • bone in pork loin roast $2.38/lb and we love bone-in roasts & chops for a more tender and flavorful result!
  • if pork burgers are one of your favorites fresh ground pork is $2.98/lb
  • fresh chicken legs $1.98/lb
  • fresh chicken thighs $1.98/lb
  • triple A, angus t-bone steaks, ‘nuf said’ on special for $13.98/lb
  • every week we have great deals on 10/lb bags of lean ground beef, this week it is on feature for just $3.88/lb

Produce Specials 

  • this week we’ve managed to find Cotton Candy Grapes while they last for $7.88/lb
  • fresh red peppers $1.38/lb
  • limes $.28 each
  • lemons $.38 each
  • hass avocados $.48 each
  • local idared apples just $1.98 for a 3 pound bag
  • and a great selection of mushrooms featuring 2/lb white mushrooms, king oyster and brown or white beech are in stock
  • white peaches and white nectarines are a great choice to have on  the counter or in the fridge for quick snacks and completely delicious!
  • our produce purchaser managed to get some black garlic & purple garlic both from Spain,  as well as a good variety of parsley, mint, fresh coriander, etc. so if cooking is your passion, GD Meat Market is carrying plenty of ways to add flavor to your meals!

Seafood Specials

  • fresh haddock fillets $4.98/lb
  • 2/lb sealed pei mussels $4.98 a pack

And if you haven’t heard we are now carrying Totally Raw Dog Food so you can grab some patties on the way home from work!


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