GD Meat Market Flyer July 30, 2020

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We have been waiting for a special on corn and it’s finally here! ¬† Corn on the cob 6/$1.88 is the special this week!


Since it’s BBQ season, and a short one at that, we have lean ground beef in 10/lb.. bags available for just $2.98/lb. again this week…………


New this week are our Dollar Deals, keeping it simple!

pg 1 dollar deals

Fresh Haddock just $4.68/lb. and also available for customers looking for quantity to purchase in 10/lb. units, foiled wrapped on the BBQ, grab some lemons priced at just 4/$1 and you are good to go!


If door crasher price is what you are looking for, pork back ribs at $2.48/lb. are while quantities last and a deal you don’t see every day, pork tenderloins packed 2 cryovac units are on for $3.98/lb. and fresh chicken wings at $2.98/lb.!

pg 2 pork & wings

Lots of great prices this week and on Thursday only we are featuring lean ground beef for $1.98/lb. and jackfruit at $1.28/lb………. ¬†these are also while quantities last so drop by early!

pg 19 thursday specials

Just in case you were not aware, GD Meat Market now carrying Totally Raw dogfood available in the freezer aisle, Happy Shopping, see you at GD!


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