GD Meat Market Flyer Aug 6, 2020

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Another weekly flyer starts tomorrow morning at GD Meat Market in Burnside and we have some great deals for meal planning this week!

Red Seedless Grapes just arrived tonight, these healthy snacks are on for just $.98/lb. and are packed with Vitamin K and Vitamin C, if you get a great deal on grapes, you can always freeze them for a snack later!

2 grapes .98 revised DONE

Corn on  the Cob from Quebec and just enough to hold us over until the local is ready and we are hearing not much longer now!


Just in from PEI, Marvelous Medley Potatoes, 5 pound bags for $.98 each to round out the BBQ’s we are all having with the warm weather, so we’ll have to enjoy it while it lasts!

POTATO marvelous medley

Fresh local cherries are coming to the end of their season but we have one more chance to enjoy, arriving Thursday are local cherries at $1.98,  local yellow plums, 1.5 liter size on for $3.98, so enjoy while they are in season…..

cherries local

Last but not least arriving Friday, Angus AAA Whole Briskets, on special for $6.98/kg, and one of the more popular items for the Smoker Enthusiasts!  We are carrying AAA beef that is not Angus so our customers have a choice!17 angus pr and brisket arriving friday DONE



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