GD Meat Market Flyer Aug 13, 2020

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Finally our very first delivery of local corn straight from Kennie’s Farms in the Valley and it’s absolutely beautiful!

For our customers this week we have some great specials, another product we were able to source a real deal on is 1 pound strawberries while supplies last for $1.68/lb……..

1 berries 1.68
While Supplies Last Strawberries $1.68/lb. at GD this week!

Since our purchasers are trying to get us  great specials, they were also able to source red seedless grapes and they are on for $.98/lb., let’s not forget not only are they a snack the kids love anyway, they are packed with nutrients and antioxidants.

2 grapes .98 revised DONE

Direct from the Valley again,  dropped beautiful new local peaches, yellow plums, local apples, long awaited new potatoes and the cherries are coming to an end but we do have them again this week, so if you have-not had your fill this season, drop by 1 Wright Avenue in Burnside.  As the produce becomes available our customers love to be able to pick up produce straight from the farm without the drive!

Local Valley peaches 1.5 litre size
Local Valley Apples and Beautiful Peaches from Stirlings at GD Meat Market just arrived!

We have had so many requests for Triple AAA Angus Briskets while everyone is able to use their BBQ and Smokers in this unusually warm summer, we are keeping it available as long as we can, and remember this is Angus and product we get great comments on!

Speaking of the BBQ, our pork market has been the most economical and we have pork back-ribs on for the unheard of price of $2.88/lb.  so, if you have any room in the freezer, this is a stock up item, if you are looking for a AAA Steak, T-Bones are just $8.88/lb……


GD Meat Market Exotic Fruits and Veg
Rambutan and jackfruit limited quantities!

Don’t forget folks, we are now carrying Totally Raw Dogfood and Piatto Pizza in the frozen food section,




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