GD Meat Market Flyer Sept 3, 2020

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GD Meat Market is open Labour Day 9am-6pm!

labour day

Specials Thursday and Friday, Lean Ground Beef in 10/lb. bags just $2.98/lb. and Bone-In Pork Roast $1.68/lb. so you can get ready for the Long Weekend coming up!

pork loin bi 1.68burger

Spalding Bacon 500g just $2.68 each and this is a great item for family breakfasts on the Long Weekend………….  Fresh Chicken Legs are on as well for just $1.38/lb.!

bacon legs

Still plenty of local produce arriving daily, Apples and Pies from the Valley, Fresh Green and Yellow Beans $2.48/lb., Fresh plums and Peaches all supporting your local farms!

Local Valley peaches 1.5 litre size
Local Valley Apples and Beautiful Peaches from Stirlings at GD Meat Market just arrived!

Fresh Angus AAA Brisket for the long weekend so our customers who lovingly prepare this beautiful product and at just $4.98/lb.!  For the Steak lovers, we have all 3 top end steaks on sale this week, Prime Rib $13.98/lb., Striploin $10.98/lb. and T-Bone Steaks $12.98/lb., and don’t forget Beefeater Steaks are on for $6.98/lb.

We have been waiting for Jackfruit and Rambutan to arrive and it’s finally in and Shelley  has a great variety in this week again!  Limited Supply of Cotton Candy Grapes, and Italian and Curley Parsley are both on special this week for $.68 each to add that extra touch to the meals you serve your family and friends!

Jackfruit just arrived and its $1.48/lb. at GD Meat Market in Burnside!

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