GD Meat Market Flyer Sept 17 2020

Click here for flyer

Lean Ground Beef, and there’s still time for a BBQ, on for $3.48/lb. and available in 10/lb. Bags or Family Packs, great time to run out and purchase a food saver to vacuum seal some product for the freezer………







AAA Striploin Steaks on special this week just $9.98/lb. and this is stock up price!

GD Meat Market






Pork Backribs just $2.48/lb. and 500g size Spalding Bacon $2.68, this week at GD Meat Market!

GD Meat Market






Pure pork sausage and turkey sausage both $1.48/lb. great for family breakfasts!

GD Meat Market






Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts are $4.98/lb. and who doesn’t love these?   Many ways to prepare with pasta, serve with a cream sauce, or if you are cutting back, easy to serve with healthy side of veggies

GD Meat Market






These are just a few of our great specials at GD Meat Market this week, click on the link for our complete flyer or just stop by!




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