GD Meat Market Flyer Sept 17 2020

Click here for flyer Lean Ground Beef, and there’s still time for a BBQ, on for $3.48/lb. and available in 10/lb. Bags or Family Packs, great time to run out and purchase a food saver to vacuum seal some product for the freezer………             AAA Striploin Steaks on special thisRead more ⟶

Curbside Service Available

GD Meat Market has curbside service available and it’s easy to do in 3 easy steps message us on facebook at  the following link   Facebook Link place your order, we will let you know the total, email transfer to let us know when you are outside and we deliver receipt and all to the trunkRead more ⟶

GD Meat Market Flyer August 20, 2020

Click for Complete Flyer Items Fresh Chicken Wings just $2.68/lb. this week is our lead item and just in time for  another summer BBQ! Fresh Green Peppers and remember you can slice, dice and freeze these, at prices like this it’s a great time to stock up! The pork market is still low enough toRead more ⟶

GD Meat Market Flyer Aug 13, 2020

Click for Flyer Finally our very first delivery of local corn straight from Kennie’s Farms in the Valley and it’s absolutely beautiful! For our customers this week we have some great specials, another product we were able to source a real deal on is 1 pound strawberries while supplies last for $1.68/lb…….. Since our purchasersRead more ⟶