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GD Meat Market

GD Meat Market is proud to be a locally family owned market serving customers in  Halifax, Dartmouth and surrounding communities.   Shelley opened October 2, 2019 and is working to provide her customers with a great variety of fresh beef, chicken and pork at pricing to meet every need.  Whether you are looking for a pound of fresh lean ground burger or you are planning a special meal and need a special cut, just let us know and one of our Butchers would be more than happy to assist!

Since GD opened it’s doors in October of 2019, the Produce Department has expanded the products it carries on a weekly basis and customers are pleasantly surprised each time they arrive to see something new to try in their meal prep.

We make every effort to work with our local farmers whenever product becomes available and most importantly we provide a wide variety of fresh produce at very affordable prices.

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